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Spit Shine Gutter Cleaning, LLC

​Gutter Cleaning & Repairs

At Spit Shine we start out cleaning the gutters by hand and then spray the remaining debris out of the gutter leaving practically no mess. Any mess left behind will be cleaned up. We also haul away all debris from the gutter so you don’t have to worry about it. Our goal is make it look like we were never there. Maybe it isn’t cleaning you need, but a repair job. Spit Shine can FIX any gutter or downspout! We will even adjust your entire gutter to make sure it is draining like it should.

Downspout Cleaning & Installation

If your gutters are not working properly, typically, the issue runs in the downspout. We make sure your downspout is clean and in excellent condition before we leave the job site. If the gutters were not installed correctly, there tends to be drainage issues. If this is the case, we also install downspouts in the proper location to ensure maximum efficiency.

Moss Removal

Moss is not something to be taken lightly. Moss can and will eat away at your roof and cause damage to the shingles, resulting in loss of roof life. We use an organic product from Wash Safe Industires that saturates the roof moss, weakening and preventing future moss build up. After the moss removal product has soaked, we use a low power pressure washer to wash all the moss away leaving your roof looking brand new.

Gutter Maintenance/ Caulking & Resealing

Spit Shine offers gutter maintenance contracts. These contracts give you a discount and you get scheduled automatically so you never have to worry about your gutters again. We will also perform any number of small and large repairs to your gutters to ensure proper efficiency. Repairs help increase the lifespan of your gutter which increases the health of your home. Feel free to ask about our on-call repairs and leak proofing services by calling us our clicking the contact now button.

Leaf Screen Installation

Leaf screens are important for those houses that are surrounded with trees. In these wooded areas, leaves build up very fast in gutters and rain can’t drain properly. Leaf screens are guranteed to keep the leaves out and the water in! Our steel EZ lock screens are durable and very efficient at keeping those leaves out. With every leaf screen installation we offer one FREE gutter washout the following year.

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