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Pumpkin Munching Moose!


Halloween has come and gone, and Alaska's moose are doing their best to clean up the pumpkins. Area wildlife biologists say the practice doesn't necessarily harm the moose, but could lead to unexpected human-and-moose encounters outside Anchorage doorways, which CAN be dangerous. Their advice: Keep the pumpkins away from the entrance to your home.

People and moose in Alaska have been neighbors for thousands of years. Both humans and moose prefer the same low-lying habitat adjacent to rivers and streams, causing them to come into frequent contact. Moose can be found in Alaska from the Unuk River in the Southeast Panhandle to the Colville River on the Arctic Slope, a span that includes many large Alaskan communities and numerous villages. The key to coexisting with moose is to avoid confrontations by giving moose plenty of space. Never approach a moose!


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